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Virgin Falls

Join the mission.

Hey y’all! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that was able to join us for some of the activities at our annual meeting. There was hiking, caving, kayaking and touring plus food and fellowship in the evening. If you missed it, be sure and watch here for our next activity, probably sometime this fall. If you were there and got some pics, please share on here for us to enjoy. 

If you didn’t get to attend or you just want to join or renew your membership, please see the join link at the top of this page. 

Thanks again for your interest and help.
Steve Webster

In the last three years, over 7000 acres have been added around the Virgin Falls Wilderness Area through property acquisitions. the Friends of Virgin Falls are working to grow this area into a stand-alone park. The conversion from natural area to state park will help ensure future preservation of the forests and wildlife while simultaneously growing recreational opportunities. Please Join us.